2018 Tournament Results

On a beautiful Saturday in Central Park, The Department of Neurological Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center held their annual Neurosurgery Softball Tournament, a day that has been declared as “Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament Day” in the City of New York.

2014 CU Team

Columbia Team Huddle

Dr. Donald Quest and Dr. Ricardo Komotar, co-founder of Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament

Solomon_Bruce-Homepage 2014

Dr. Robert A. Solomon, Department Chair and Dr. Jeffrey N. Bruce, Co-Director of the event

2017 Tournament Winner:  Barrow Neurological Institute

A special thanks goes to all the teams that participated in the 14th Annual Neurosurgery Charity Softball Fundraiser, and to Aileen Casanova, Office Manager for Dr. Jeffrey Bruce, who organized the successful event. Thank you, Aileen!

2014 BNI player getting ready to bat

BNI player getting ready to bat.

2014 CU vs. Alabama

Friendly Team Support

2014 USF Team Huddle


South Florida Pitches

Barrow Hits

Florida Runs for the Base

Miami Runs for the Base

Duke Pow!

Alabama Runs Home!

Mayo Clinic Ready to Sprint

Pittsburgh Takes Off

Scoring run!

Another CUMC/NYP Athlete, Dr. Charles Mandigo, Connecting

2014 Fox talking to player

Friendly Team Support


2004 – Columbia University
2005 – Columbia University
2006 – University of Pennsylvania
2007 – University of Pennsylvania
2008 – Harvard University
2009 – Columbia University
2010 – Barrow Neurological Institute
2011 – Barrow Neurological Institute
2012 – University of Miami
2013 – Barrow Neurological Institute
2014 – Barrow Neurological Institute
2015 – Barrow Neurological Institute
2016 – University of Miami
2017 – Vanderbilt University
2018 – Barrow Neurological Institute